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I think Nervous is the word which is an adjective always attached with Bhavika S Waghela  (Me). But, I have been so blessed that whenever I m nervous I always have DAD(Mr. Sunil Waghela), I call him my “Education Minister”, my siblings Rishu, Mallu and Jigu ,my close friends Niddhi, Dhanu Nandan, Pradeep and Om all of these wonderful people have always been with me to calm me down, motivate me and bring my smile back.


There are many events in my life where where I have been nervous, right from childhood. Whether it’s monday morning, first day of school, going to any relatives place, every evening going to tution teacher infact, I used to be nervous even on my birthdays… you name it and nervousness is attached to it. Ya but, once i go to school or tution i.e once I go to that environment then “Nervousness Disappears”… You guys won’t belive me… I never go for any of my exams without my Dad. Yup, you are reading it right,  10th Board Examination, 12th Board Examination, CET, AIEEE, TY 5th Semester, TY 6th September, MBA Entrance Exam and MBA 5th Semester, every examination My Dad has always been there for me. He used take almost one month leave from office just to be with me. Now i hope you know why do I call him my “Education Minister”. My Dad has always been very particular regarding mine and my younger sister’s education.

“Stop saying you are nervous.

Start saying you are excited.”

I would like to share an incident in my life, when I was in 10th standard. My board exams were there, I still remember date 12th April, 2010 I had Marathi Exam. I was very weak in Marathi as i used find Marathi and Hindi almost same, still now I don’t know when to use badi uh ki matra and choti uh ki matra. Marathi Exam means tension, nervousness, very low confidence and almost teary eyes. 479382724I woke up in the morning at 7:30 am , to my surprise I saw my Dad dressed up standing near entrance door, I got tensed. I asked him with a smile, to hide my fear and nervousness ” Why are you dressed up? Where are you going?”. Standing near the entrance door having a glass of water he replied “Office”. I was about to cry but controlled my emotions. After having water he said, “I will have to go to the office because my leave is over, you have revised everything well yesterday night so, don’t worry exam paper will be easy, maintain your speed while writing because language paper are very lengthy”. In my low voice I said “Yes.” I touched his feet, took his blessings and he left. As soon as he left, I hided myself at the back of sofa and cried out my heart. I was nervous, tensed, sacred. After half an hour, i gathered my courage… but trust me I was still very nervous and sacred. I started revising all chapters.


And at around 9:30 am, door bell rang, I opened the door…. I was surprised to see my Dad!!!! All the courage, confidence, will power and positive energy was back in me!!! Now, “I had no fear, no nervousness because my Dad was with me”. My Dad did not go to office, he returned back just for me. In spite of my hard efforts to hide my nervousness and fear from him, he had read my face that I need him. Later, he dropped me at Examination Center and went to office as half  day.

“Being nervous is negative I know, but being nervous is not a shame”, because we all are surrounded with wonderful  people they are our parents, siblings, friends,  relatives and teachers who love us, care for us and appreciate us as we are. They all are there to hold our hand when we are afraid or nervous. They are always there to guide us, to comfort us. So, whenever you are nervous just grab your mom’s, dad’s, kid’s or any one whom you are close to hands, it is the best medicine in the world all your negative thoughts, nervousness and fears will vanish away…

” Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and dream. Don’t be nervous to create your dreams into realities.”

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  1. Rahul Sanas says:

    Dear Bhavika,
    It’s really encouraging to see your message. May God bless you both.

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    1. Tysm..pls do subscribe to my blog… and do let me know what topic u would like to read… tc bye

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  2. Nandan says:


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    1. tysm… for always motivating me… ur appreciation means a lot.. tc

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  3. Mahesh Patil says:

    Nice message Bhavika


    1. Tysm…. pls do subscribe to my blog for such stuff


  4. amrutadalvi says:

    beautiful bhavi !

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