Holi Skin Care Tips – Before & After

The festival that we all have been waiting for is just round the corner. Smeared in rich and vibrant hues, Holi brings colour, unrestrained joy, a promise full of warm days and new beginnings. But it also brings with itself problems – a lot of skin related problems.

Holi is a fun festival but celebrating it can play havoc on the skin. If it’s true that the colours used in Holi causes a lot of allergies, irritations and break-outs later on, it is also true that with a little precaution and by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to save yourself from any such occurrences. And who really wants to walk in to work looking like a multi-coloured canvas? A few simple tips – before and after Holi – can help keep your skin looking less colourful and feeling less irritated

Skin Care for Before and After Holi

 Before Holi:
Apply a generous amount of coconut or baby oil on the face, ears, neck, arms and legs. Doing this an hour before will make it easy to wash off colour. If you don’t wish to apply oil on your face you can also opt for cold creams or petroleum jelly,  as they help by forming a thick, protective layer on the skin.

If it is going to be a bright, sunny day, you increase your chances of getting tanned.  Apply sunscreen with a high SPF.  This will protect yourself from the sun as well as the colours.

Apply sunscreen around the eyes too.

Avoid waxing, bleaching or facial for 3 – 4 days before and after holi because doing so will irritate your skin leading to further skin problems.

After Holi:

First take shower without applying soap for at least 5 mins, this will help in taking off colours. Do not scrub your skin after playing Holi. Skin can get sensitized due to colour and further subjecting it to something harsh may lead to damage. Use a gentle cleanser or baby soap to wash off all the dirt, colour and other impurities. Stay away from piping hot showers, steam baths and saunas until all the colour has come off your skin and hair. Apply this Face Mask to remove colour from your face, this mask can also be used on entire body.

For Mask You’ll Need: (take proportions as per the use)

2 tbsp gram flour

1 tbsp yogurt

2 tsp honey

To Make:

Mix all the ingredients together till it turns into smooth paste. Apply on face and neck. Let it dry for 15 – 20 mins and rinse it off.

Clothing for Holi

Try to cover your body as much as possible, wearing long sleeved shirts and covering your legs minimizes exposure to harmful colours. Avoid wearing denims because after playing with water they become too heavy.

Girls can wear long skirt with full sleeves top, leggings or cotton jeans with full sleeves kurti wil be perfect for this festive occasion. Boys can wear full sleeves T-shirt with track pants or cotton jeans.

Hair Care for Before and After Holi

Before Holi:

Oiling hair is the best barrier against colours and harmful chemicals. As coconut oil is light oil it won’t make you feel much sticky and messy. Coconut oil which acts as a barrier as well as penetrates deeply into the hair shaft thus improving the health of hair. If you have a sensitive scalp or dandruff, rub a bit of lemon juice on your scalp.  This will prevent harmful colours from irritating it. Removing  stubborn colours from our hair line is really very difficult, hence apply Vaseline petroleum jelly near your hair line. The other best thing to avoid hair damage while playing Holi is to tie up your hair to prevent tangles. You can wear a loose braid or a ponytail. Use a scarf or dupatta to cover your head to avoid harsh chemical colours effect your scalp. It will look stylish as well as protect your scalp. For men also, it is really important to take care of their beard. Apply coconut oil/mustard oil/almond oil before playing Holi.

After Holi:

Don’t end up shampooing your hair more than twice as it may harm the texture of your  hair making it look dry and frizzy. First rinse your hair with water, as it will help to take off colours then shampoo your hair twice and  apply conditioner through your lengths and roots of hair (avoid scalp). After washing your hair, still your hair may look dry and frizzy. To retain moisture apply this Hair Mask after drying your hair (avoid using blow dryer)

For Hair Mask You’ll Need: (take proportions as per the length of your hair)

½ cup of yogurt

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp coconut oil

To make:

Mix all the ingredients together. Start applying it from your scalp moving towards length and roots. Keep the mask for 1 hour then shampoo and condition your hair.

Lips and Eyes Care

Don’t wear lenses. In fact completely avoid wearing lenses or glasses. But if you cannot do without glasses, just be careful while applying colour. Mostly people are interested in applying surprise colours on your face and the edges of your specs might hurt your face. For lips, apply a lip balm generously.

Girls can apply lip balm then over coat it with lip stick to add a hint of colour.

Boys can opt for petroleum jelly to apply on their lips.

Nail Care

The best way to avoid getting those dark pink coloured nails effect after holi, apply nail polish. Boys can apply transparent nail polish or just apply coconut oil and massage it.

Trim your nails. If girls you don’t want to trim those nails to can apply petroleum jelly inside nails.  

Wish You All A Happy & Safe Holi!!


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